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Road Kill

Road Kill

Written by: Kevin M Glover & Shant Yegparian

Genre: Horror/Dark Humor/Found Footage

Pages: 96




An opinionated, redneck TV show host bites off more than he can chew when he and the crew of his struggling cooking show get stranded in a rural Texas BBQ joint with a dark and deadly secret.


“Kitchen Nightmares” meets “Sweeney Todd”




 Billy Ray Budd, the caustic but lovable TV host of "BBQ-911", a ratings challenged restaurant make-over cable show, is desperate to stay on the air and keep his surrogate family--- his loyal crew--- off the unemployment line.  


When the location for their all-important season finale is mysteriously burnt to the ground, the self-proclaimed Baron of Barbecue is forced to shoot at Roscoe’s Roadside BBQ& Grill, a creepy, remote, BBQ joint deep in Texas.  


From the rundown exterior to the stomach churning food offerings to the off-beat and eccentric Roscoe clan, nothing is quite what it seems.  Almost too late, Billy Ray and his crew discover the owners' exotic tastes may put them next on the menu.  Can he and his crew survive their most nightmarish kitchen make over yet?



Critical Acclaim:


“A riveting horror that keeps getting better and better,” raved Barb Doyon of Extreme Screenwriting  coverage service. “Lots of fantastic dialog irony…best horror I’ve read in a year!”


“Found footage films are a popular genre and this script offers a new take for these films” praised a reviewer from the Blacklist.  “Dialogue is witty and playful,” wrote another Blacklist reviewer.  “The relationship between Billy Ray and his crew adds heart and is believable”.


A reader from the Slamdance screenplay competition adds, “Compelling premise, good execution. Characters are unique and well developed.  Solid story structure, snappy dialogue. Great job!”


“A really humorous and scary horror script done with extreme love of the genre,” wrote a reader for the Austin Film Festival.  “It was a breeze to read and nicely set up for a franchise…Laugh out loud 

fun…good job!”

Road Kill (aka Dead Meat)


Outlaw Blood

Written by: Kevin M Glover

Genre: Horror/Western

Pages: 120




A ruthless outlaw and a rag-tag band of travelers join forces to destroy a blood-thirsty vampire wreaking havoc on an isolated Old West town.


 “3:10 to Yum" meets "30 Days of Night"




An atmospheric action-horror film set in a small dying town in the Old West, "OUTLAW BLOOD" tells the  story of an escaped outlaw who unwittingly resurrects Dra’Ghoula, an undead prince locked in a coffin for  nearly four-hundred years.


A stage coach of unlikely companions and a handful of weary survivors join 

forces with the outlaw to defeat the blood-lusting vampire and the army of the damned he spawns. 


Dark humor, iconic western themes of survival, isolation and redemption, a cast of colorful characters and  some unlikely heroes are interwoven in a thrill-packed tale of a vampire’s lust for power and vengeance.



Coverage Excerpts: 
“You've really nailed the flavor of the Old West. The characters speak with a wide range of distinct voices, from low-down varmint to book-learned scholar, and all of it has the twang of the period. The Western motif also goes along well with the classic horror of isolation; there's nowhere for the characters to run, nothing around them but Godforsaken desert, and that greatly enhances the atmosphere on multiple levels… of all the scripts I've worked on as a freelancer, I can honestly say that Outlaw Blood is the best written by far.”


Ryan Graff- Professional freelance reader

“A growing cast of colorful characters converge upon a small (Arizona) town where they meet their fate against an unfolding outbreak of vampires… Your action sequence descriptions are clear and descriptive for producers/directors to follow and visualize …offering a new take on the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ genre, and/or revealing the origins of Bram Stoker’s classic.”



Nicholas Fuhrman – Professional reader

“…The twist at the end was brilliant. Turns out I was reading the origin story of Dracula and didn't even know it. Nice.”


Mike Burton Coverage Services  


Survivor Island

Written by: Kevin M Glover & Lisa Marie Brennan

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

Pages: 101




To gain access to a restricted island, a tenacious biology student poses as a contestant on a sexy, all-girl Survivor type reality show; only to discover the bugs she's studying have an insatiable appetite for human flesh.

"Sharknado" meets "Baywatch"




SURVIVOR ISLAND is a sexy, tongue-in-cheek action-horror script centered around a dozen beautiful, multi-ethnic reality show contestants competing for fame and fortune on a remote tropical island; an island declared off-limits for years because of the legends of its horrific past. 

Despite a myriad of warnings, it's not long before cast and crew alike are stranded on the island and the seemingly harmless local insect life transform into flesh-eating creatures that ravenously destroy all human life around them.  The girls can survive only if they band together and outwit this ferocious force of nature.  




 One studio reader said, “SURVIVOR ISLAND knows exactly what it wants to be, a Piranha 3D­-style sex-and-gore fest, and runs with it. The results are simple, unpretentious, and fun.” 


“But it’s not just about the gore; SURVIVOR ISLAND also has nice character moments too. The girls each  have distinct personalities and,” the reader went on to add, “the gore is certainly creative, and will  definitely get a reaction out of the audience, particularly with the more sympathetic characters.” 


SURVIVOR ISLAND is a medium budget adventure chock full of thrills, snappy dialog, sexy situations, and a surprising heart.


Gym Ratz

Written by: Kevin M Glover & Shant Yegparian

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

Pages: 93




An aging boxer, desperate to reclaim his youth and save his struggling gym, experiments with an untested steroid with disastrous results.


“Million Dollar Baby” meets “The Fly”




Former Olympic boxer Jim Ratzkirk used to be a contender. Key words: “used to”.  Now he’s a washed up nobody with a rundown gym in the middle of a bad part of town. To make ends meet in his failing enterprise, he’s rented out the basement to a murderous scientist who may or may not be cooking meth down there. Things haven’t been going well for good ol’ Jimbo.


Just when he thought things couldn’t get worse, Jim decides to inject himself with an experimental, rat-tested youth rejuvenating steroid. This super sauce gives him a tantalizing taste of his old vigor, but it’s an addictive taste with some unsettling side effects; not the worst of which is a strange craving for cheese. It’s not long before Jim’s used up the last of the sample formula and, in a desperate fit of ‘roid rage, drinks the blood directly from a few infected lab rats. Big mistake.


The next day, while he is pummeling a couple of local thugs in his boxing ring with his new-found strength, Jim triggers a chemical reaction in his body that transforms him into a ravenous, man-sized rat. Trapped like live bait in the gym, Jim’s niece and a handful of survivors must try to reason with the man Jim was or destroy the thing he’s become before all are killed. 






Lady Frankenstein

Written by: Kevin M Glover

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

Pages: 105




A brilliant, but discredited young doctor discovers her dark destiny when she is hired by a mysterious consortium to transplant the brain of 4,000 year old Egyptian priest with disastrous results.


 “Frankenstein" meets "The Mummy"




A stylized, globe-trotting thriller set in modern times, “Lady Frankenstein” puts a feminine spin on the classic monster/mad scientist archetype.  The pilot focuses on the young doctor’s discovery of her ancestor’s secret past when she is hired by Madame Amunet, the enigmatic leader of a dangerous consortium wanting to resurrect the brain of a once powerful Egyptian priest. 


Alternate title: DARK DESTINY






Den Mother

Written by: Kevin M Glover & Shant Yegparian   

Genre: Family Adventure/Science Fiction    

Pages: 111


Log Line:


An over-protective, germaphobic suburban mom gets roped into spearheading a 4th of July camping trip with a rambunctious den of pre-teen cub scouts who inadvertently antagonize a pack of deadly prehistoric monsters.





Part GOONIES part GREMLINS with a dash of JURASSIC PARK, DEN MOTHER is an action-adventure story with a high concept family comedy twist. 


 Set is a remote campground during the busiest Cub Scout weekend of the year, DEN MOTHER reads like a kid-friendly JAWS where reluctant heroes are forced to use ingenuity to defeat a threat brute force alone cannot.


January, the titular Den Mother, is a classic "fish out of water" character type. She must come to face her greatest fears - living in a campsite with a bunch of rowdy boys - while also fending off an attack of prehistoric raptor-like beasts. It is a great setup for pulse-pounding adventure and side-splitting humor.







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